Children's Parties

Children’s Parties

The children will come to a party in a sweet shop! We can easily cater for any size group from 1 to 30 children. They will each be given an unpainted jar, and taken through to a (highly supervised) art area. There they will paint their jar, personalising it to add their names and any other decoration they like, in a fun and lively environment.

They will then be taken back through to the sweet shop where they can choose any sweets they like and try to cram as many into the jar as possible. At various stages throughout the party they will be provided with crepes, ice creams and drinks, and then they are offered a choice of craft items (pottery or wooden items) to take back to the crafts area and decorate. During this period the staff also put the (now full) sweet jars into a “goody bag” containing various other items, which will ultimately have the decorated craft item added before the children are returned to their parents.

Each party lasts 1 hour 45 mins and operates to a very carefully structured schedule.

The shop has a parents’ waiting area, in which you are provided with free tea and coffee, and food (at cost) if you request it, and of course you can buy as many sweets as you like while the kids aren’t looking.





£16.00 per child – 1hour 45mins

Paint & fill a sweet jar
Decorate a takeaway craft item
Enjoy a slush, crepe (with yummy fillings) and an ice-cream
Win a small toy
A goody bag with popcorn and candy floss

Free Party Invitations for our Mold Shop

Free Party invitations for our Chester Shop

Fully supervised
Free tea, coffee or hot chocolate for parents

Bookings for parties or craft activities to be made by phoning Mold 01352 752695 or Chester 01244 316504 as times and dates go very quickly.